Coastal Feel at Los Cabos

On Bahia Santa Maria, on one of Los Cabos’ few swimmable beaches, Montage Los Cabos offers an idyllic retreat where the arid landscape meets the turquoise water. Well known for its upscale setting and service, Montage decided to expand its accommodations to include a series of two or three-bedroom private residences where owners can enjoy the comforts of aContinue reading “Coastal Feel at Los Cabos”

When Mediterranean serenity becomes the best trend to dress a house

With natural light as the protagonist of the space, Jorge Bibiloni Studio and Montis Sastre Arquitectur project this house with serene airs, in the natural environment of Mallorca. The interior of the house is characterized by a fully custom-designed equipment by the studio responsible for the project.  The kitchen, characterized by its natural slatted wood finish andContinue reading “When Mediterranean serenity becomes the best trend to dress a house”

Santa Monica Proper with Kelly Wearstler

We love Kelly Wearstler, don’t we? A celebrity interior designer deserved our admiration for her marvellous talent every designer dream to have. From designing furnitures and home decors, Kelly is a guru! So, for the sake of enjoying her work with Santa Monica Proper Hotel, let’s just take a look at this beautifully designed rooms.Continue reading “Santa Monica Proper with Kelly Wearstler”

How to Design Commercial Space with Fishing Baskets

Photography: Interior Design Magazine “Commercial settings are great for us because they give us more freedom to be creative because the client doesn’t have to live in the project so they’re great for dipping toe in water and showing what we can do,” Carrier says. “Plus, Baron gave us the freedom to flip fussy HealdsburgContinue reading “How to Design Commercial Space with Fishing Baskets”

Patina: A Sanctuary in Maldives

Escape to the golden fringes of the island in the Maldives for mellow serenity. Or tune into marine wonder within the reaches of our lagoon. Each of the private villa sanctuaries is honed from nature’s materials and pure creativity to soothe your senses and soul. No man is an island entire of itself. How toContinue reading “Patina: A Sanctuary in Maldives”

Tropical Style Restaurant and Cafe

The biophilia hypothesis (also called BET) suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.[1] Edward O. Wilson introduced and popularized the hypothesis in his book, Biophilia (1984).[2] He defines biophilia as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”.[3]

Modern Balinese Style Young Villas

I have never seen any handsome guy as passionate as Michael Young of Young Villas when it comes about architecture and modern Balinese style vacation home. Michael has built multiple vacation homes for him to list on Airbnb. For most villa investors, it’s time to take a nap by the beach, drink your beer andContinue reading “Modern Balinese Style Young Villas”

Decorating Ideas How to Design a Luxe but LaidBack Space.

No Rush Villas is a creation of 2 Dutch artists who have been spending many holidays in Bali. The combination of creativity and knowing how the perfect Bali holiday should be led to the creation of this amazing place: No Rush Villas. The unique architecture and choice of the flamboyant interior make sure that yourContinue reading “Decorating Ideas How to Design a Luxe but LaidBack Space.”

How to Design Wabi Sabi with Yana Prydalna

I’ve been loving wabi sabi style for the past five years, however as this future home is going to be my show room in the future, I will also have to cater my clients who may use my lighting design into their aesthetic. Thus, trying to fit the rendering into broader look, such as farmhouse style, coastal, mediterranean, Hamptons, Scandinavian, Nordic, japandi, rustic, beach and more.

Rattan Pendant Lights With More Variety Styles

Custom made lights and handmade in Bali. It’s wooden beads characteristics is sturdy and suitable for outdoors as well as indoors. What style are you looking for? This piece would go with: coastal interior design mid century modern modern rustic beachy style living room Hamptons kitchen Scandinavian home wabi sabi decor Caribbean architecture Japandi styleContinue reading “Rattan Pendant Lights With More Variety Styles”

Hearthstone Kitchen

Do you enjoy Houzz Apps? I do. So much. Love this white room with blue kitchen cabinets, decorated with natural rattan pendant lights that freshen up the whole interior design. Check out more beautiful woven light shades at previous Houzz projects to get some ideas on how to incorporate natural home decor into your modernContinue reading “Hearthstone Kitchen”

Sculptural Lighting: Top Home Decor Trends 2021 Interior Design

Whether you decide to take them or leave them, sculpted rattan is the major interior design trends for 2021 that we think are worth considering. Sculpted Rattan Pendant Light Our obsession with natural materials and craft skills is getting shapely as weavers go three-dimensional with curvaceous cane rounded rattan and bent bamboo. Get involved withContinue reading “Sculptural Lighting: Top Home Decor Trends 2021 Interior Design”

Bali Cafes Design Ideas

But with travel restrictions around the world making it hard for them to jump on the plane, let me just curate some cafes interior design for you to take a look. This might not be the details you look for, but at least you can get some insights on what Bali has to offer in terms of furnitures and home decors, as well as building materials.

Furniture And Home Decor Shopping in Bali

Whether you’re furnishing your home or building a dream house from scratch, there really is no better place than Bali when it comes to interior design. Here on the island, you’ll find fabulous furniture made from breathtaking indigenous materials, you can shop gorgeous homewares made by local artisans who’ve honed their craft over generations, and that’s before we even mention the dizzying array of big, breezy rental villas just waiting to be decorated and transformed into dreamy abodes.

How Does A Modern Bali Home Look Like?

With modern architecture influence coming in to Bali, which concept was brought in by international visitors for the past ten years, there has been a transformation in the way Balinese build their homes or villas. Take a look at this Balitecture ideas of Bali Villas. What is Balinese interior design? What is Balinese style? Well,Continue reading “How Does A Modern Bali Home Look Like?”

Hartland Is Indeed A Heartland For Interior Designers

“Hartland is a seamless transition between indoors, outdoors, and beyond… I cannot recommend it highly enough.” Hartland Estate, nestled into the slopes of Ubud’s scenic Sayan Ridge, overlooking a wide tapestry of rice paddies bordering the Ayung River, is Bali’s latest work of art. A thoughtfully conceived and elegantly executed Luxury Bali Retreat, Hartland isContinue reading “Hartland Is Indeed A Heartland For Interior Designers”

What Makes Bali Interiors Alluring to Architects and Interior Designers

Bali is a tropical island in Indonesia. It is known for its forest-filled volcanic mountains, beaches, and its coral reefs. It is the target of much tourism, and is always a good option for those who prefer a paradisiacal destination. This island is full of resorts, and to go along with its beautiful nature we have interior designers, who play a very important role in establishing balance.

If she said Nope I’m not going back home

…then simply bring Bali home! And convo us to discuss how you can spend wisely throughout this pandemic season for a relaxing home interior styling with natural home decors and more to create the ambiance of Bali back home.

The Haven List, The Blog You’ll Never Tired of Reading

Malibu rattan pendant lights at Lido Malibu Farm. Take a look at this beautiful images in their workshop with Malibu rattan pendant lights at the center of the event. I may one day bring those beautiful pink flowers being tied to the rattan, but in the meantime, we have seen that the combination of natural home decors are an absolute match to the abundant beauty of roses and flowers.

Embrace Hotel Feel Like Bedroom with Canopy Bed

Either it’s in natural oak teak wood canopy bed, or use white washed to neutralize teak chairs walnut finish in the bedroom, each brings a hotel feel to your bedroom.

Canopy bed is so trending today with California coastal hotels and homes, and it’s shape has become slimmer to fit even into small bedroom in a small apartment in Manhattan, New York.

Why Handwoven Rattan and Wicker Texture Are Still in Demand

One thing I love about rattan and wicker. You can always shower them very quickly and put them under the sun. And when it withers, you can always coat them again with water based paint or use wood wax. White washed them is my favorite. The texture a handwoven rattan and wicker give to the whole interior design concept is eye entertaining. That’s why handwoven rattan and wicker texture are still in demand all the time. Check out this beautiful rattan pendant lights on Etsy home decor pendant light category.

How To Create Your Most Exotic Balinese Style Home

1. What is Balinese style?

Balinese style incorporates the outdoors like no other interior decorating style and is grounded in nature — and unlike Scandinavian, British or even French nature, Bali is a place of wild greenery, tropical foliage and rich flora. This vibrancy is balanced with the calming yet elegant impact of pieces crafted also from nature — woods and bamboos and very earthy ceramics. And the magic that brings it all together is a sense of spirituality that comes in part from keeping your choice in design and craftsmanship organic and also spreading the aesthetics of Bali’s beloved Buddhas and spiritual figures in all sizes, silhouettes and from materials from gold, brass and ceramic to wood.

Why Bali Interior is A Staple Design Inspiration

The internet and social media life have been gracing the beauty of laid back life style vacation homes and villa interior design. From Cancun, Tulum, Ibiza, Mykonos and Bali, all have inspired us to go back to nature. Designed by: OEUF Studio There are times we may think it’s just beautiful feel on the screen,Continue reading “Why Bali Interior is A Staple Design Inspiration”

We Still See Rattan Pendants Everywhere, Here’s Why We’re Not Mad

Natural-Fiber Lighting Trends Wicker, rattan, and bamboo have been a part of interior home design for ages. Usually relegated to vacation home furniture, natural fiber has made its way into the home in a different form: lighting. These pieces are surprisingly versatile, working in traditional, modern, and boho interior design. They provide an easy way to add textureContinue reading “We Still See Rattan Pendants Everywhere, Here’s Why We’re Not Mad”

Staggered Southampton Rattan Pendant Light – Natural Woven Lighting

As featured by travel and interior design trend magazines. Very popular open weave rattan lighting. Beautiful coastal home decor, fit for Scandinavian Hamptons and design interior style. A beach country farmhouse home decorative lighting. Featured in Property Brothers magazine, in a Newport beach home.

Rust and Indigo, The Earth Tones You Need for Summer

Time to re-think the materials of shades! With perfect use of natural teak hardwood base and handwoven ikat mud cloth fabric, this beautiful piece of the nightstand is revived. Highly preferable for Vintage and Rustic styled designs, Traditional and Bohemian Interior Design trends, the nightstand seamlessly blends in with its natural surroundings with a starkContinue reading “Rust and Indigo, The Earth Tones You Need for Summer”