Bali Bungalow Natural Collection

Furniture and Home Decor: Bali Bungalow Alami Collection

I know, right? This stunning collection of Bali Bungalow in Connecticut truly captured our designer’s heart, didn’t it. It’s just hard not to influence our clients to pick their natural furniture and home decors. Especially when it’s about coastal interior, or about embracing the breezy feel, search no further.

They recently open a show room at THE VELVET MILL, 22 BAYVIEW AVENUE, STONINGTON, CT with an appointment. Go, and bring Bali home!

Embrace Hotel Feel Like Bedroom with Canopy Bed

Photography: Hotel Como Uma, Ubud Bali

Furniture: Bali Interior

Either it’s in natural oak teak wood canopy bed, or use white washed to neutralize teak chairs walnut finish in the bedroom, each brings a hotel feel to your bedroom.

Canopy bed is so trending today with California coastal hotels and homes, and it’s shape has become slimmer to fit even into small bedroom in a small apartment in Manhattan, New York.

How Casa Palma is in The Top List of Desirable Airbnb Interior Design

Photography: Bali Interiors

Okay, this might be the most thoughtful and brilliant idea I think. I love working, eating and taking a nap outdoor, spending 10 hours a day up there. This bed above the pool with a little more than needed space patio to work on your laptop, totally nailed the nomad life style, don’t you think?

This rattan headboard from Villa Lane is a stunning. Combined with wooden bed by My Bali Living it’s making a match!
In Australia, get this Instagram famous rattan accent lounge chair via Villa Lane. In United States, get it via Bali Bungalow. Both have beautiful collection of rattan chairs.

Beautiful rattan pendant lights from My Bali Living, available on Etsy.

Beautiful Casa Bocami in Bali, A Laid Back Tropical Heaven Vacation Home

Use of rattan deep lounge is a staple in many villas in Bali.
Oversized teak wood mirror adds beauty to the whole natural infuse.
Pierre Jeanneret dining chair in natural teak wood, just the right pick with teak wood dining table. Natural rattan pendant light plays a charm in the dining experience

Reading nook with Pierre Jeanneret arm chair in the bedroom.
Beautiful raw cotton blanket throw in rust color brings some boho bedding experience.

Pinterest Famous Malibu Surfrider Hotel

Beautiful Malibu rattan pendant lights to get inspired from Malibu Surfrider Hotel interior design. Thanks to Matthew Goodwin for this Pinterest famous images.

Why Handwoven Rattan and Wicker Texture Are Still in Demand

One thing I love about rattan and wicker. You can always shower them very quickly and put them under the sun. And when it withers, you can always coat them again with water based paint or use wood wax. White washed them is my favorite. The texture a handwoven rattan and wicker give to the whole interior design concept is eye entertaining. That’s why handwoven rattan and wicker texture are still in demand all the time. Check out this beautiful rattan pendant lights on Etsy home decor pendant light category.

Michael rattan pendant light
Sherman Oaks rattan pendant light
Coronado rattan pendant light
Arabica rattan pendant light
The Hamptons rattan pendant light
Justina rattan pendant light
Vacaville rattan pendant light
Miley rattan pendant light
Los Cabos rattan pendant light
Betty rattan pendant light
Debbie rattan pendant light
Greenwich rattan pendant light
Scorpios rattan pendant light
Fleur de Lys rattan pendant light
Oceanside rattan pendant light
Serena Grey rattan pendant light
Boston rattan pendant light
Serena White rattan pendant light
Oceanside rattan pendant light
Serena Dark Grey rattan pendant light
Salt Lake rattan pendant light
Serena Blue rattan pendant light
Serena Blue rattan pendant light

How To Create Your Most Exotic Balinese Style Home

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From an exotic place where few people wouldn’t love to escape to, Balinese style is a unique and rather magical balance of lush colours, raw materials and high-quality craftsmanship. Originating from the “island of the gods”, aesthetics and philosophies are flourishing in many spectacular homes and spaces all over the world.

What is Balinese style?

Balinese style incorporates the outdoors like no other interior decorating style and is grounded in nature — and unlike Scandinavian, British or even French nature, Bali is a place of wild greenery, tropical foliage and rich flora. This vibrancy is balanced with the calming yet elegant impact of pieces crafted also from nature — woods and bamboos and very earthy ceramics. And the magic that brings it all together is a sense of spirituality that comes in part from keeping your choice in design and craftsmanship organic and also spreading the aesthetics of Bali’s beloved Buddhas and spiritual figures in all sizes, silhouettes and from materials from gold, brass and ceramic to wood.

Australian designer brings boho style to Dubai home

Australian designer Jo England is bringing a laid-back, boho-chic look to Dubai, as her own home stylishly demonstrates.

Interior Design: Jo England

Home Decor: My Bali Living

Rattan chair with Byron Bay boho pendant light leverage any bohemian style to any room.
Rattan pendant lights grace the whole living room.
Beautiful beige and white home decor to mix with white bohemian style.